What We Do:

Maverick Machining Ltd. provides precision custom CNC machining as our primary service.  Our specialty is the fabrication and machining of custom parts for oil exploration and drilling.

We can produce extremely complex parts in a wide range of high strength metals, using a wide  range of CNC lathes, and CNC EDM (electrical discharge machining) units.

We can reproduce parts to replace broken or defective components from existing or collected data, or we can produce custom parts to exact specifications and tolerances ensuring an exact fit every time.

The processes we utilize to fabricate and machine parts include gundrilling, wire EDM, sinker EDM, welding and standard CNC machining using computer controlled metal lathes, including industry leading multi-axis units.

We can fabricate complex parts using viturally any type of high strength steel including nickel,  Inconel, Monel K500, MP35N, Titanium, Nitronic 50,  Stainless Steel, and many more.

Our EDM process allows us to cut through metal with extreme precision using an electric charge to remove particles as small as 2 microns (the size of a particle of dust) at a time.  It means even extremely small parts can be created to exact tolerances with complex designs using the strongest most durable metals in the world.

In short, when you need the best, you need Maverick Machining.

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