International Locations:

Maverick Machining operates from two large state of the art locations, in Houston Texas U.S.A., and Wallaceburg Ontario Canada.  These strategically placed machining facilities allow us to ship parts anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently.  Because we are internationally established cross border restrictions and government red tape is kept to minimum and often avoided completely.

State Of The Art Technology

We are equipped with industry leading machinery and technology, allowing us to fabricate parts of all sizes, from the smallest precision metal parts for aerospace applications,  to massive shafts and drilling components for the oil and gas industry.

We conduct a wide variety of multi-axis CNC and conventional machining operations, as well as provide more specialized machining services such as:
Precision 9 axis CNC Machining Services
CNC Lathe Services
CNC Mill Services
Wire and Sinker EDM (Electro-Discharge Machining)
Gun Drilling
Fabrication & Welding

Whether Your Product is Lifted Into Position by Heavy Machinery, or Fits Into the Palm of Your Hand, We Have the Machining Services and Skills to Fulfill Your Needs.

Over the years we have produced some of the following types of products:
Complex Inconel electronics chassis for a nuclear source, down hole drilling and surveying tool.
Aluminum electronic component carrier
Titanium & Alloy hand tools used by US Space Shuttle Astronauts
Monel precision bearing housing for power drive section of a directional drilling tool
Oil Tools
Mechanical Assemblies

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Maverick Machining LTD South
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